Success by Six®

The key components of our Success By Six® initiative, are community awareness, service access and improving outcomes directly related to children. We provide information about United Way agencies that serve children — what they do and how to contact them.  We also provide parents with some basic information about child development and ideas on giving kids what they need to succeed.

Mission Statement

Success By Six® is a coalition of United Way member agencies whose collective mission is to enhance developmental assets in our young children, families and community.

Designed to compliment ongoing comprehensive county-wide planning efforts for youth, Success By Six® provides the building blocks of development that help young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.

For more information about your Success By Six® program, contact United Way of Cattaraugus County at (716) 372-3620, Cattaraugus and Wyoming Counties Project Head Start at (716) 373-2447 or refer to the list of member agencies below.

Success by Six® member agencies include…